the story behind

Over two decades ago, a unique union emerged. José María Reina, a furniture designer's vision, intertwined with Àngels Arrufat's talent for jewelry. Together, they dared to redefine the very notion of the timepiece.

Their audacious spirit shattered conventions. No longer were watches mere markers of time, nor jewelry solely a symbol of status. They envisioned a revolutionary concept, a fusion of function and adornment, elevating the wall clock to an art form – akin to the finest contemporary furniture. This pioneering approach resonated deeply with renowned architects and interior designers.

Nomon's narrative extends beyond exquisite timepieces. Their philosophy of "jewelry for the home" blossomed into a captivating collection – lamps and complementary furniture that radiate visual impact. These pieces transcend mere utility, becoming protagonists of elegance, style, and sophistication.

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